A World of Warcraft Guild on  Korgath (US) Server.
Our goal: Progress and have fun without drama.

Welcome to BiOL- We have are happy to help those who want to help themselves! We are a family type guild that raids. (Yes, I refuse to call us hard core raiders :P). We have been actively raiding since LK days and still have some core raiders.  

We are currently looking for dedicated raiders interested in progression.  We are currently looking for 3 DPS and 1 healer to beef up for Mythic, but recruitment is open for all reliable raiders. We require DBM, EPGP addon, and Discord for raiding. Part of the raid group has been raiding since LK and know how to adapt for progression. We generally raid Saturdays and Sundays at 7 PM.

For our guild ranking/progress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/korgath/Blame+it+on+Lag

Facebook Page:

We have players who also PvP and cap weekly for gear.We also have casual players that enjoy leveling, doing dungeons, and just being in a friendly enviornment. 

If you want to progress together as a guild in a guild that is a bit 'different' from other guilds, please feel free to apply for consideration. We do not allow drama in guild chat or ventrilo and abide by a strict "Drama free or /gquit" rule. We want to have fun and progress.

For any questions or concerns: please feel free to contact Mariea, Seigfried, Eldertut, Fii, or simply ask other BiOL member in game to speak to a Class Lord or Council member. If you do apply please mail Mariea in game.

Happy Raiding!