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re: 4.1 DK Changes

* Dark Simulacrum now works on numerous additional spells in dungeon encounters.
* Raise Ally has been redesigned to be a battle resurrection, analogous to Rebirth. It is instant cast, but costs 50 Runic Power to use, and has a 10-minute cooldown. It shares the same global battle resurrection cap with Rebirth and Soulstone.


* Blood Shield now only works while in Blood Presence.
* Death Strike self-healing no longer generates threat.


* Blood of the North (passive) now permanently converts both Blood Runes into Death Runes. There is no longer any proc interaction with Blood Strike required to activate Death Runes.
* Frost Strike now deals 130% of weapon damage, up from 110%.
* Howling Blast damage has been increased by 20%. To compensate, the area-of-effect splash now does 50% of the single-target damage, down from 60%. The net result of this change leaves the area-of-effect damage roughly the same as 4.0.6 numbers. In addition, Howling Blast now has a facing requirement.


* Desecration no longer triggers when an applicable strike hits a snare-immune target. This is primarily to avoid unnecessary spell effect clutter during boss encounters.
* Rage of Rivendare again applies 15/30/45% additional damage to Plague, Scourge, and Festering Strike, up from 12/24/36%.


* Glyph of Raise Ally is now Glyph of Death Gate, and makes Death Gate cast 60% faster.

Death Knight Bug Fixes

* Runeforging no longer displays a skill-up UI element.

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